Easier - Jaunty (Original)

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Jai Rolla. Killa Kells. Ashley A-Dubbs WyldeMCNZ.

Failed at what I started
Then just went home to sleep it off
‘Cause sleeping kids don’t have to speakAbout why they went and fucked it up
I had a smile on my face
When you walked out my front door
Cause emotion is hard to come by
When you can’t feel it anymore

I’m happy that you’re happy
At least that’s what I think is fair
Couldn’t explain it anyway
Cause I don’t know, and I don’t care

So fuck it
That’s all I’m gonna say
Just forget it
It doesn’t matter anyway
And It’s nothing personal
No, It’s nothing personal
It’s just easier to live this way
Easier to live this way

I tried to make it work
But it just wasn’t workin’ out
‘Cause I know what I’m feeling,
But I just can’t let it out
‘Cause standing on the edge is scar
When you’re hanging by a threa
And somehow I’ve gotten lost
Just running around my head



Easier to live this wayyyy
Just put it all away
And enjoy the simplicity
‘Cause it’s probably not here to stay


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