Mash-up of Dilemma by Nelly and I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles

Performed by Kelly and Jaime of Jaunty

Happy Jaunty Thursday!

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Gayer Than Tegan and Sara - Jaunty (Original)

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We’re gay

Gayer than Tegan and Sara
How did we ever get so gay?
Born this way
We’re gay, really gay
Gayer than watching The L Word with your cat on a rainy day
Ellen DeGeneres gay
Super gay
Gayer than moving in with your girlfriend on the second date
That’s U-Haul gay
Really really gay
Gayer than Tegan and Sara

Verse 1: Kelly

Every day when I walk down the street
A man stops me and says, “hey how do you do it with your girlfriend in bed?”
Really bro, it’s not that hard, don’t you watch porn?
And by the way if you touch my girlfriend one more time
I’ll drop you on your face
‘cause I’m that gay
Kick your ass gay

Gayer than Tegan and Sara

Verse 2: Ashley

“Excuse me, sir, did you know, you’re in the ladies bathroom?”
I know, and please don’t call me sir
People always ask me if my name is Jimmy
I’m like no, bitch, I’m a girl
I’m sorry I can see that that’s confusing
I can see that you’re attracted to me
Let me help you question your sexuality, let me help you
You’re gay, I’m gay, we’re gay
I almost didn’t get a boy dog, ‘cause I’m that afraid of penis
I’m that gay, that gay, that gay

Gayer than Tegan and Sara

Verse 3: Jaime

I don’t know if I’m gay enough for this band
I just came out a week ago, and
I’ve only been one girl and now we’re just friends
‘cause she met some bitch on tumblr, and that’s really fucking gay
Guys, what am I doing?
How do I wear my hat (like that!)
Where do I buy my pants? (Vans!)
Will you be my wingman, man?
How do I be gay?
Am I butch? Am I femme? Am I stem? Am I soft femme?
Am I stud? Am I B-O-I don’t know
Do I have to become a vegetarian? 

No, but you’re gay


You know what the best part is right?
I really really really like boobs.
Boobs all day, boobs in my way, boobs in my face
Please, show us your boobs

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Jaunty: Day one!

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Every Morning by Sugar Ray - Jaunty Cover

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